Backyard parties are so much fun, but they can be a lot of work and can cause some major frustrations as well. One of the biggest concerns that you might have for your event is where everyone will use the restroom. Do you want this many people coming in and out of your home, especially if the event is going to be mostly outdoors? What if you only have one bathroom and more than fifty guests? Will you be okay with a line of people standing in your hallway, peeping in your linen closet, and straightening or even rearranging your photos while waiting their turn? There are better solutions to be had. It is very simple to rent a portable toilet for your event and end at least one of your planning nightmares.

Before You Commit to a Portable Restroom

While it is fairly simple to rent a porta potty, you will want to make sure that you understand the fees that you will be paying as well as the other considerations. You will also want to decide whether you will require all guests to use this portable toilet or if some will be allowed inside the house to use your bathroom. Remember, if your party will include a large number of people that you do not know well, you might want to lock the doors and just keep everyone outside for safety’s sake.

Other things that you might consider:

  • Where you have your porta potty is important. You want it close enough for convenience but not so close that it ruins the event.
  • You will want to have the delivery scheduled for the day before the event or at least several hours beforehand so that your guests do not have to see it being brought in.
  • If you have hired people to help you clean up, you might want to keep the porta potty until everything else is taken care of.
  • Number of units. Each portable restroom has a maximum capacity. You will want to make sure that you have the right number on hand. It is better to spend a little more than to have a major problem, especially in the middle of a busy event.
  • It is important that the porta potties are installed correctly and that they are not accessible by small children without an adult. For added safety, do not have them installed in areas near children’s attractions.

Prices and Arrangements: The Porta Potty Contract

Every company that rents porta potties will have a rental agreement or contract that you must sign. This document should spell out every detail, including the full rental price, the cost of delivery and pick up, and additional costs for things like setup, maintenance and supplies, and liabilities. Before you sign a contract, make sure that you are clear on the following details:

  • When is delivery scheduled? This should be a date and time or a broad time frame. If you are worried about timing, then schedule for the day before the event.
  • What happens if there is a problem with a unit during your rental period? Will you get a new unit, or will there be a refund for that time period if that is not possible?
  • Will the units be fully stocked with toilet paper and sanitizing hand soaps? What if these items run out during the event? Will extras be included in the rental, or do you have to pay separately for these?
  • Does the company provide a free estimate?
  • Does the company offer a guarantee?

Legal Considerations

There are a few other details that you will have to consider, especially if your party is a large one. If you live in an area that is governed by a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), you may be limited to the number of guests that you can have, you may be restricted to the parking that is allowed, and you may not be allowed to have a portable toilet at all. Before you finalize your event’s plans, it is always best to check for these restrictions.

  • Check zoning laws that may restrict the types of events that you host.
  • Other laws may not permit you to have parking on the street or on your lawn for this event.
  • Laws, especially those that are meant to protect the environment, may also prevent you from using porta potties at all.

Your HOA president should be able to answer most of these questions for you.

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