Boston, which makes up a part of a larger area called “Greater Boston,” is one of oldest cities in the United States and is filled with a rich history spanning hundreds of years. It is also the largest city in the New England area, is the twenty-fourth largest in the entire country, and ranks at number fourteen in terms of most populous cities in the U.S. The economy for the entire Greater Boston area is the sixth largest in the country and twelfth largest in the entire world. Much of the economic power in Boston comes from education, with many colleges and universities located here. Another huge source of income for Boston is tourism. Just over eight billion dollars was generated by tourists in 2011, and the city sees over 21 million visitors per year.

Here are some of the most popular things and attractions that Boston has going for it:

  • The Boston Public Library was the very first public library ever opened in the United States.
  • Boston Common is the oldest park in the U.S.
  • The city hosts the world’s oldest and most prestigious annual marathon. The Boston Marathon is held every April.
  • The Head of the Charles Regatta is held every October.

In addition to these events, the Boston area also hosts the Boston Book Festival every October. This event features activities that center around books and literature, including writing workshops, and includes fun things for kids and adults. Live entertainment, including readings, open mic events, and music, is also featured.

Planning Your Own Events

These events may spring other events for celebration. For instance, you might plan a Boston Marathon watching party or even host an after event for friends and family that ran in the race. You might host a thank you party for the many volunteers that are working with the Marathon. Or you might have an event for any number of reasons.

Like any event, you will have to start with good planning. The bigger the event, the more time and effort that goes into planning it. You will need a date and time as well as a location, and then you will figure out other details, such as these:

  • Food and drink
  • Parking
  • Restroom facilities
  • Other services such as medical and shuttles to and from distant parking areas

Whether you are hosting an event that will be held totally indoors or out or will have events and attractions of both types, you will need to provide adequate portable restrooms. Porta potties are a great resource to ensure that you have every basic need covered.

Why Porta Potties Make Sense

There are many reasons why renting porta potties would make perfect sense for your event even if there are some facilities in place or the event will be held partially indoors.

  • Having a portable toilet expands the existing facilities so that you have fewer or shorter wait lines.
  • A porta potty can keep you from having to allow the general public to have unrestricted access to indoor areas. For example, if you host an event in your home, you may not want total strangers walking down your hallway to use your indoor bathroom.
  • Porta potties can be set up at a convenient location so that no one needs to leave the event to use the restroom.

How Many Porta Potties Will You Need?

The exact number of portable toilet units that you will need will depend on how many people are expected to be at your event. It will also depend on the type of porta potty that you are considering. Each one has a different capacity for “traffic” per day. The rental company will help you make a decision based on your budget, your area, and the size of the event that you are hosting. Make sure that you get a free quote on prices, which are based on all of these factors, before you sign a contract.

The Additional Factors to Consider

There is one last thing that you must consider, and it is the most often overlooked factor when you are getting ready to rent porta potties. Supplies such as toilet paper and hand soap or hand sanitizer are often an additional but necessary expense in the contract. Some companies will require specific types of toilet paper to be used in their units because they are formulated to break down faster. You will be given an estimate for the cost of this toilet paper in your contract as well. Hand sanitizing stations, which are located either inside of the unit or outside, may also be an additional expense.