Construction can be problematic for many reasons, whether the project is large or small. If the construction is in your home, it can be even more of an issue. There are several projects that might leave you without a working and/or easily accessible toilet inside of your home, so you will need an alternative. You might also feel more comfortable having the workers using something other than the family bathroom. In all of these situations, a porta potty might be the perfect answer for your needs.

Plumbing Work, Bathroom Renovations, and More

One of the most obvious reasons that you might need a porta potty during construction is if there will be anything involving the water in your home or anything involving the bathroom in general. Renting a portable toilet will:

  • Free up the space so that the workers (or yourself) can move in and out freely without having to wait for family members to finish up.
  • Allow the water to be shut off in that room or that part of the house. In some instances, the water might be shut off to the entire house for some time during the renovation process, and that can become very inconvenient.
  • Prevent the need for strangers to use your family’s toilet even if they are the ones working in that space.
  • Keep you from having to remind everyone not to use the family toilet, especially if a new one is installed and needs to settle before it is ready for use.

Other Types of Construction Inside of the Home

There are other projects that might make having a porta potty on site a good idea. The goal is to minimize the traffic in and around the construction zone so that no one is risking injury and the construction workers can stay on task. Minimizing movement in the area keeps things like missing tools or continual work stoppages from happening. The faster that you can get the work done, the faster you will get these people, the debris, and the noise out of your house.

You might benefit from a porta potty:

  • If the construction is on the lower level of the house and the only bathroom is located there as well.
  • If the stairs or doorway leading to the bathroom are in the construction zone.
  • If the workers are going to be covered in drywall dust, cement, or paint.

Porta Potties Make Perfect Sense for Outdoor Construction Projects

Of course, if the construction is outside of the home, then porta potties just make way more sense than having workers coming in and out every time they need to use the restroom.

  • Construction projects such as room additions, patios, or pool installations require time outside, so a porta potty is faster and easier for the construction workers to use.
  • Many of these projects involve a lot of mess and debris, which would end up tracked into the house every time someone came in to use the toilet.
  • Some of this debris can be dangerous, which is why the workers will be wearing gloves, masks, and other protective gear. You do not want this debris tracked inside of your house if you can help it.

Before you rent a porta potty, be sure that you are in compliance with local laws, especially if your neighborhood has an HOA agreement in place. There are some that will restrict things like porta potties even on a temporary basis, while others will allow them to be placed in the back yard, away from the view of the streets or the neighbors during a temporary construction period.

After finding out if you are legally allowed to have a porta potty, your next step is to get a free estimate of the price and then decide where to have the unit placed. You will also want to discuss how long the project is going to take and then determine how long you might need a portable restroom. In some cases, you might only need one for a short period while construction is going on, for instance, for a day or two if they need to shut off the water or while they are installing a new floor in the bathroom. For other projects, you might need a longer-term rental. Make sure that you discuss flexibility when you are renting the porta potty. Will you be able to extend the porta potty rental period if the construction goes on for longer than previously expected, for example, or will you need a whole new rental agreement?

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