People often warn their less than worldly friends that there is a city in the desert just waiting for them. Of course most people think of the casinos, bright lights, and gambling when they think of Vegas, but there is honestly a lot more to do here than just lose money and eat at buffets. They don’t call this the “Entertainment Capital of the World” for nothing. You also have to realize that while tourism is the major source of revenue here, there are also full-time residents who live, work, and play here, and some of them rarely, if ever, step onto the strip, let alone into any of the casinos.

A Green Oasis in the Desert’s Glaring Heat

While Nevada is known for extreme temperatures and Vegas has more than its share of super high temperatures, there are plenty of green areas here as well. In fact, the city boasts four municipal golf courses plus nearly seventy parks, more than 100 playgrounds, and more. Las Vegas also has a number of other types of parks, including dog parks and skate parks.

Conventions, Forums, and Other Meetings of Like-Minded People

Las Vegas is a popular destination location for many types of events, including conventions, where many people gather to share ideas about something they all enjoy. These conventions can be related to work, charity, or even just for fun and hobbies, such as when the comic-related conventions come to town. Since there are so many people coming from all over the world for these, they may want to gather together somewhere other than in a hotel. Outdoor enthusiasts, for instance, may not really be interested in staying in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Renting porta potties can allow these people to gather in an approved area and still have some of the modern conveniences of home. There are plenty of other reasons that porta potties can come in handy.

Weddings and Wedding Receptions

In addition to the casinos and amazing live shows, Las Vegas is also famous for weddings. Whether you want a traditional but fast wedding or a themed wedding, Vegas is one of the most popular places in the United States to come to tie the knot. Every year some 115,000 people (more or less) come to Vegas to get married either on the strip or at a local chapel. Outdoor locations in and around Las Vegas are the second most popular choice.

After the wedding, some people will go back to the buffets and casinos or back to their hotel rooms and call it a night. Others may want to follow up their wedding with a wedding reception. There are some venues that can handle these affairs, or you might be fortunate enough to have friends or family that live in the area and will host an event in their own yard. This type of party would be the perfect example of a need for at least one portable restroom on site. You can always hide the porta potty behind some trees or something if you are concerned that it will show up in pictures. Then again, if you were just married wearing a powder blue tux to a bride dressed as a go-go dancer in front of a fake Elvis, tacky may not be your major concern.

The Advantages of Renting Porta Potties

Renting a porta potty for any reason can save you from some major problems later on, no matter why you need them. Here are some of the benefits that you might see:

  • No worries about people snooping in your medicine cabinets, tracking dirt through your home, or walking off with the heirloom silver
  • No worries that someone’s Uncle Fred is going to clog the home toilet
  • No worrying about cleaning up the bathroom after a large party filled with people with varying standards about cleanliness
  • No uncomfortable lines outside the toilet as people pace and fret about their turn

Renting a portable toilet is fast and easy to do. Make sure that you are getting a free estimate so that you know how much the rental will cost, and do not be afraid to shop around a bit before committing to a porta potty rental company. Even something that seems so simple can have some very serious price competition, especially in a city that is so popular and populous like Las Vegas. Always make sure that you are getting the best deal.