For some events, the casual, run of the mill portable toilet is perfectly fine. If you are hosting a family barbeque or a sporting event, it really is not going to matter a whole lot what kind of outdoor facilities there are as long as they are easily accessible and do not smell bad enough to cause fatalities. On the other hand, if you are hosting something more formal or more important or your event is going to include big name people, then you might want something just a little more upscale. For those events, you will probably need one of the luxury porta potties available. Some of the amenities that a luxury porta potty has include the following:

  • Real porcelain toilets with seats
  • Hardwood floors
  • Bright lights
  • Internal stereo systems
  • Vanities and mirrors
  • Actual decor, including wall art, decorative plants, throw rugs, and more
  • Wood trim

Other features may also be present depending on the actual model that is rented and your needs. You may also be able to get a dual gender luxury unit, which will include a separate space for males and females, each with unique features as well.

Renting a Luxury Porta Potty for a Wedding

A wedding is beautiful, memorable, and stressful. The smallest thing can make the difference between a great wedding and one that is just the worst thing ever. The more variables that are thrown in, the higher the risk of something terrible going wrong becomes. There are several reasons that you might need to rent a porta potty for a wedding, especially one that is going to happen in a non-traditional location. Consider these:

  • An outdoor wedding at a beach or other remote location
  • A casual reception in the back yard of a family member
  • A formal reception in the back yard of a family member

The use of a luxury or upscale porta potty can also save you from having to drive to the venue already dressed for the wedding. That means that you will not be stressing about wrinkling the dress while driving to the wedding because you know that there is a decent place to change once you arrive.

An Upscale Unit for VIPs

If you are hosting a major event with bigger named stars, you do not want to send them to answer the call of nature in a run of a mill porta potty like everyone else in the crowd. You will want to have a luxury unit so that they know that they are special and that they are treated as such. This can include concerts, speaking engagements, political rallies, and more.

Some Considerations Before You Rent a Luxury Porta Potty

While the luxury porta potty is definitely a step up from the regular, run of the mill porta potties that you are probably more familiar with, they are still portable toilets, so they are not perfect. However, they are more attractive and more comfortable than the regular portable restrooms, and they are more spacious as well. You may even find that they can double as a dressing room because they have better lighting and mirrors. The process of renting this type of porta potty is similar to the process of renting any other type, but you may have to make more phone calls to find the luxury units, which are not as common in some areas because the demand may not be as high.

Follow these tips when renting a luxury porta potty:

  • Always get a free price quote no matter what you are doing.
  • Always try to get referrals for any company that you are considering.
  • Make sure that you are legally allowed to have a porta potty in the location you are using and that there is a safe and adequate place to have one placed. You also want to make sure that there will be enough room for delivery drivers to get to and from the area with relative ease.
  • Do not set up delivery for the day of the wedding or event because that is added stress that you do not need. Have your unit delivered the day or several days ahead of time even if it will cost a bit more to do so. Your peace of mind should be priceless to you.
  • Do not get caught up in thinking about it as a “portable toilet.” Try to avoid focusing on the words “porta potty.” Sure, they are not perfect, but the luxury units are perfectly nice and will fill the needs they need to fill.