Famous for many reasons, Miami is considered to be one of the best places for snowbirds to warm up their bones thanks to warm temperatures and sunny skies. But the city is very interesting for a number of other reasons as well. Did you know that Miami and Tampa, Florida, are locked in a longstanding debate over which one came up with the Cuban sandwich first. Here are some other rather interesting facts about Miami that you might not have known:

  • Miami is the very first and the only major city that was conceived of by a woman. Julia Tuttle, a citrus grower and business woman, convinced a shipping tycoon to use the area to move cargo, and Miami was born.
  • Coppertone, one of the world’s most popular and easily recognized sunblock lotion brands, was invented in Miami. Benjamin Green, a local pharmacist, mixed up the first batch using items from his home and his family cookware. A few tweaks to the recipe and Coppertone was the result.
  • Miami was the first city to have a bank ATM that was made specifically for people on rollerblades.

How Miami Stacks Up Against Other Cities

  • Miami was voted “America’s Cleanest City” in 2008 by Forbes
  • It is the largest American city with a Spanish-speaking majority.
  • Miami’s downtown area has the largest number of international banks in the country.
  • Banking and finance are a major part of the city’s economy.
  • Tourism is another major part of the economy, with more than 14.5 million people visiting the city every year. Miami is the fourth best hotel market in the United States.

Travel Has Been Good to Miami

Whether you are coming to the city for a visit or just stopping off on your way through to another destination, you are not going to be alone.

  • The Port of Miami is often called “The Cruise Capital of the World” because it is the number one cruise passenger port in the world.
  • Miami International Airport is a major employer for the city, with one of every four jobs related to the operations of the airport in some capacity.
  • The airport handles the most cargo of any airport in the United States and has the second highest number of international passengers.

How About Something a Little Creepy?

Miami, which boasts over 800 parks of varying sizes and types, also has a bit of a creepy side to it. There are more than fifty underwater shipwrecks to explore as a scuba diver. Newbies can come and take scuba lessons and then hit the water to explore one of these wrecks with an experienced dive tour guide. And then there is this creepy story: The County Club of Miami is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of actor Jackie Gleason. Gleason, perhaps best known for roles on TV (The Honeymooners) as well as movies (Smokey and the Bandit), was an avid golfer and frequently hit the links at the Country Club. After he died from colon cancer in June 1987, the rumors of his ghost appearing at the Club began.

And Now for Your Own Take on the City

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