Misconceptions About a Porta Potty

Portable toilets have grown in popularity over the last couple of decades. They are now common fixtures at large public events, construction sites, and even on private property. People like using them because they have the privacy of a home toilet with the added benefit of portability. However, they are still not without their downsides. There are many misconceptions about portable toilets that need to be addressed.


Porta-potties are often the first choice for special events, construction, or other occasions where conventional facilities aren’t practical. And while they may not be glamorous, they provide a much-needed service and are often all that separates you from the chaos of backed up toilets and messy floors.


Common misconceptions about a porta potty

There are many misconceptions about porta potties that are not true. In fact, porta potties are very sanitary places for people to use the restroom in. Porta potty rentals have become more common with events that are held outdoors, family reunions, construction sites and other places where there is no permanent bathroom available for people to use.

Some of the misconceptions include:


They are always dirty

One of the biggest misconceptions is that portable toilets are dirty and smelly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many modern portable toilets have features like odor-eliminating systems that keep them smelling fresh.


They smell so bad

While it might be true some porta potties have a strong odor, it does not mean that you cannot use them at all. There are a lot of portable toilets that do not smell bad. They are well-ventilated and clean so people will not have problems using them.


Most modern ones have powerful ventilation systems to ensure that the smell does not get trapped inside the unit for long hours. Some models can even handle incoming wastewater automatically so there will be less odor inside the unit. Even if this type of restroom has a smell, customers can always request for additional deodorizers to mask the odor or make it less strong.


Only meant for outdoor use

Another misconception is that they are only for outdoor use. While it’s true that portable toilets are popular for events and construction sites, they can also be used indoors. If you have a large gathering or party and don’t have enough indoor plumbing, you can always rely on portable toilets.


Only used when there are no other options

People tend to think that porta potties are used only when there is no other option. However, porta potties can be a very useful option when people want to save money on their restroom needs.


Many people rent these portable restrooms because they do not have the ability to pay for the plumbing of an actual bathroom. Temporary restrooms can be used when you are having a gathering at your house or if you need a bathroom that is temporary while you wait for your permanent bathrooms to be installed.


Porta potties are unhealthy

A lot of people believe that using a porta potty exposes them to diseases, but this is not true because they are made with clean lines and bacteria cannot grow in them even if they are not cleaned regularly. This is unlike pit latrines which expose users to a lot of diseases.


This is definitely one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to these portable restrooms. People often wonder how a restroom that is moved from one place to another can be hygienic and clean. What they fail to understand is that each time a porta potty is moved from one place to another, it gets thoroughly cleaned, deodorized and sanitized before being transported. All this happens after regular use by several people. So, if you think that a portable restroom cannot be clean or hygienic, you should know that you are wrong.


They’re only for emergencies

Some people think of portable toilets as a last resort – something to use only in an emergency. This is not the case at all. Portable toilets are perfect for everyday use, whether you’re at an outdoor event or just having some friends over for a barbecue.

They’re difficult to clean

Another misconception is that they are difficult to clean. This may have been true in the past, but modern porta potties are much easier to keep clean. Most of them come with self-cleaning features that make it simple to keep them looking and smelling fresh.


In addition, they are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis so they remain in good working order and provide the users with a clean environment.


They’re not safe

Some people think that portable toilets are unsafe because they can be easy targets for vandalism. However, most portable toilets have security features like locks and alarms to deter vandals. And if you do experience any problems with yours, you can always contact the manufacturer for support.


Porta potties are not comfortable

This is a common misconception about porta potties. While they may not be as comfortable as your own bathroom, they are designed to be comfortable enough for people to use them for extended periods of time.


Porta potties are only used for small events

Porta potties come in many sizes and shapes, from single-stall units to enormous trailers with 20 stalls or more. For big events, some companies will even set up a small “village” of porta potties surrounding a central handwashing station.


They are bad for the environment

This is another misconception about porta potties. In fact, portable toilets can be a very eco-friendly option. Many of them are made from recycled materials and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Plus, they can save water by using less water than traditional toilets.


Waste goes down a drain

Some people believe that the waste from a porta potty goes down a drain just like in an indoor toilet. That’s not true. Instead, it goes into a large container beneath the unit that has to be pumped out periodically by employees of the rental company. This container can hold up to 250 uses before it needs to be drained, which is why it does not need to be done every single time someone uses it.


All portable toilets are created equal

This is not true as there are numerous styles and designs available to meet your needs. Some models have hand sanitizer dispensers while others include features like sinks and flushing toilets. There are even larger models that can be installed in permanent locations such as campgrounds and parks.


You have to pay to use them always

This is also not true. Most porta potties do not require payment for use. However, there are a few select models that do require payment.


You can’t flush toilet paper

This is also not true – most portable toilets allow you to flush toilet paper. However, some do not, so it’s important to check before using.


What benefits can you get when you use porta potty?

Porta potty can give you some benefits that you may not know. It is a great way to avoid long line and save time when you are at an event.


In addition, it can also provide a clean and comfortable experience for anyone who needs to use it.


Lastly, porta potty is a great option for those who want privacy while they go to the bathroom.


For all of these reasons, it is no surprise that many people prefer using this type of toilet over traditional ones. If you are looking for a convenient and private way to go to the bathroom, then be sure to consider using a porta potty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash your hands in a porta potty?

Yes, you can wash your hands in a porta potty. In fact, most of them come with sinks and soap so that you can clean up properly.


Is it safe to use a porta potty?

Yes, it is safe to use a porta potty. These toilets are regularly cleaned and maintained so that they are sanitary for everyone who uses them.


Can I bring my child with me into the porta potty?

No, you should not bring your child into the porta potty. This is because there is often limited space inside of these toilets, making it difficult for both children and adults to maneuver around comfortably.


How many people can use a porta potty before it’s full?

Most porta potties can accommodate up to eight people before they need to be emptied. However, this number may vary depending on the size and model of the toilet.


Can you get sick from porta potty?

No, you cannot get sick from porta potty. As long as the toilets are regularly cleaned and maintained so that they are sanitary for everyone who uses them.



In conclusion, there are many misconceptions about porta potties. However, they are clean, safe, and easy to use. With a little bit of knowledge and preparation, you can be sure to have a positive experience using a porta potty.

They are designed to be used by many people and are cleaned on a regular basis. If you follow the instructions on how to use them, you will not have any problems. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards.