San Francisco is one of the most easily recognizable cities in all of the world thanks to its depiction in many movies and television shows. It is the single most densely populated city in the state of California. Only New York City is more densely populated in the entire country. In terms of overall population, San Francisco is fourth in the state and thirteenth overall.

This is an interesting city with some unique features, including being the first to not only welcome but to embrace the LGBT community, electing many openly gay people to high-ranking offices. There are many industries here that contribute to a fairly thriving economy, but one of the biggest is tourism. Every year some eighteen million people travel to San Francisco for a variety of reasons. The industry brings in over ten billion dollars and accounts for one in every seven jobs in the area.

Of course, one of the most easily recognized landmarks is the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate National Recreation area is one of the most popular parks in the U.S., with more than thirteen million visitors there every year. The city is home to over 200 other parks, both large and small.

Family Reunion in the Park and More Ideas for Fun in San Franciscosan-francisco

Many people choose to host certain types of events outside of their own home for many reasons. Many cite space issues, while others may not have adequate parking for a larger gathering of people. Whatever the reason, San Francisco’s moderate temperatures and lovely views, historic buildings and neighborhoods, and other aspects make it a great destination for a wide range of events. People have traveled across the country to get married here or to celebrate anniversaries and even birthdays.

Here are some other fun ideas for an outdoor event in lovely San Francisco:

  • Host a charity duck race at a local park. People buy a rubber duck, and each is released into a pond for a short race. The first duck to cross the finish line “wins” a prize for his owner.
  • Have a “Taste of the City” event. Local restaurants sell samples of their menu from booths or food trucks. Tables and benches are set up so people can enjoy their meals or rest up. These can also be done for charity.
  • Hold an adoption event for local animal shelters. People get to meet and greet pets without the bars of the shelter, and the potential pets get a chance to be out in the open for a little bit of fresh air and playtime as well. It is a win–win for everyone.

Porta Potty Rental Basics

During these events, you will have many people plus the volunteers and vendors, who will, as humans always do, need to go to the restroom at some point. That means there will either be long lines at the existing facilities (if there are any available) or people leaving the venue to go to the restroom. Those people may not be willing to leave and then come back, which may hamper your event’s efforts. Instead of these options, it is better to provide some type of portable toilet. A good porta potty rental company can help you figure out all of the fine details and will give you a free estimate as well.

Here are some of the details that must be addressed:

  • The location of the porta potties is crucial. They must be a specific distance from food but should not be so far that they are no longer convenient. They must also be reasonably accessible for handicapped people.
  • Delivery of the units should be scheduled far enough in advance that you are not trucking them in as people are already starting to arrive and eat. No one wants to take a big bite of their food only to see a truck full of portable toilets zoom on by. You will also want them in place for the people who are there working to set things up.
  • Pickup of the units should be scheduled for well after the final cleanup of the event. The people that are tearing down booths and sweeping up trash will still need to use the restroom from time to time.
  • Rent enough units to fill the needs of the people at the event. The more people you have, the more units you may need to have on hand. It is better to have a few too many than to have too few.