Seattle, WA

Seattle is a great city with much to offer residents and visitors alike. Situated on Puget Sound, it offers beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The city is also home to a variety of cultural attractions, including museums, theaters, and a world-renowned symphony orchestra.

Seattle’s strong economy and high quality of life make it a great place to live and work. Whether you’re looking for a place to raise a family or just enjoy the outdoors, Seattle is a great choice.

The city’s many parks and green spaces offer a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, while its vibrant cultural scene provides plenty of entertainment options. And with a strong economy and high quality of life, Seattle is a great place to live and work.

Modern Day in Seattle, WA

Seattle is a city that is constantly growing and changing. The skyline is full of new buildings, and the streets are always filled with people. There are always new restaurants and shops opening and old ones closing.

It’s a city that is always moving forward. The modern-day  Seattle is a far cry from the small fishing village it once was. But, even though Seattle has changed a lot over the years, there are still some things that remain the same.

The Space Needle is still one of the most iconic landmarks in the city, and it’s a symbol of Seattle’s history and growth. Pike Place Market is another place that has been around for a long time, and it’s still a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

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Why Do you Need to Rent a Porta Potty?

If you are hosting an outdoor event in Seattle, WA, you may need to rent a porta-potty. Here are four reasons why:

When it comes to hosting a successful event, comfort is key. Your guests should be able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about where the nearest restroom is.

Different Options When it Comes to Renting a Porta Potty

If you’re in the Seattle, WA, area and need to rent a porta-potty for an upcoming event, there are a few different options you can choose from. Here’s a look at some of the most popular options:

Standard porta-potties

These are the most basic type of porta-potty, and they’re typically the most affordable option. They usually don’t have any special features, but they’ll get the job done if you just need a basic toilet.

Luxury porta-potties

If you’re looking for a step up from the standard porta-potty, luxury porta-potties offer features like flushing toilets, sinks, and air conditioning. They’re more expensive than standard porta-potties, but they’ll provide a more comfortable experience for your guests.

ADA-compliant porta-potties

These porta-potties are designed to meet the needs of guests with disabilities, and they typically have features like wheelchair ramps and grab bars.

Portable restrooms

If you need more than just a porta-potty, you can rent a portable restroom trailer. These trailers come with multiple toilets, sinks, and sometimes even showers. They’re more expensive than porta-potties, but they’re ideal for large events where you need to accommodate a lot of guests.

No matter which type of porta-potty you choose, make sure to rent from a reputable company. At Seattle Portable Toilets, we offer a wide range of porta-potties and portable restrooms, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

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Fun Things to Do in Seattle, WA

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting place to visit, Seattle, WA, is the place for you! There are endless things to do in this vibrant city, from exploring its many museums and art galleries to enjoying a concert or show at one of its world-class theatres. Here are just a few of the many great things you can do in Seattle, WA:


Space needle

This is an iconic symbol of Seattle that you can’t miss! The Space Needle offers 360-degree views of the city and is a great place to snap some photos. More than 600 feet high, it’s also the tallest building in the city.


Bill Speidel's underground tour

This is a must-do for anyone visiting Seattle! Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour takes you beneath the city to see its hidden history. You’ll learn about the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 and see some of the original buildings that survived it.


Woodland park zoo

The  Woodland Park Zoo is a zoo located in Seattle, Washington, United States. The zoo covers an area of 92 acres and is home to more than 1,000 animals of 300 species.

You’ll see everything from tigers and elephants to penguins and gorillas as you stroll through naturalistic habitats, many of which feature stunning views of Seattle. One of the zoo’s most popular attractions is the Tropical Rainforest, where you can see animals such as jaguars, sloths, tamarins, and macaws in a lush setting.


Seattle art museum

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a world-renowned art museum located in the city of Seattle, Washington. SAM features a diverse collection of artwork from around the globe, with a particular focus on Asian, African, and Pacific Islander art. The museum also houses an impressive collection of Native American art.


Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in the Cascade Range and the most prominent mountain in the entire state of Washington.

It is an active volcano that last erupted in 1894. Mount Rainier is covered in glaciers and snowfields and is popular for hiking, climbing, and camping.


Seattle aquarium

If you like sea creatures, the Seattle Aquarium is a must-see. Home to over 800 different species of aquatic life, the aquarium offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most fascinating animals.


Snoqualmie falls

Snoqualmie Falls is a beautiful hidden gem in Seattle. The falls are located in Snoqualmie National Forest and are a great place to take a hike, have a picnic, or just enjoy the scenery. The falls are also a popular spot for photographers, so be sure to bring your camera!


T-Mobile park

This is a baseball stadium in Seattle, WA. It is home to the Seattle Mariners. T-mobile park is located in downtown Seattle.

It has a retractable roof to keep the fans and players cool during the hot summer days. The stadium also has a beautiful view of the city skyline and Mount Rainier.


Pacific science center

The Pacific Science Center is a public science museum located in Seattle, Washington. It is a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire interest in science and technology through interactive exhibits and educational programs.

Exhibits cover topics such as space, bugs, dinosaurs, chemistry, and electricity. The Pacific Science Center also houses the Seattle Aquarium and the IMAX theater.


Sky view observatory

The sky view observatory is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Seattle. It offers breathtaking views of the cityscape, and on a clear day, you can even see Mount Rainier. It’s perfect for a romantic date or just to admire the city from above.

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