A wedding is an amazing event and typically is not only the happiest day of a couple’s life but one of the most stressful as well. There are so many details to attend to, especially for an outdoor wedding or a wedding that is taking place at a venue outside of the typical, that some of these can get overlooked.

The most commonly overlooked details are the boring, the mundane, and, to be honest, the ones that are less than appealing. It is a fact of nature that everyone needs to go to the bathroom. It is also a fact of nature that if you forget this fact, someone will end up with poison ivy in a strange place and will blame you for it. Don’t let your wedding guests get rashes! Rent a porta potty from a reputable company, and all of the worries for that particular detail will be taken care of.

Backyard Ceremonies and Receptions

If your wedding and reception or just the reception will take place in your back yard, you might need to rent a few porta potties. Having two or three units on hand will allow all of your guests to use the restrooms without there being a lineup for the indoor facilities. There are other benefits as well:

  • If you plan to store the wedding gifts inside of the house, you can lock it up and not have to worry about security during the reception.
  • A portable toilet cuts down on the worries of a drunken accident inside of the house.
  • Porta potties mean no flooded or backed up toilets on your wedding day and no need to hide the “embarrassing” medications and ointments from nosy wedding guests.
  • A porta potty can free up the toilet for the bride and her party as they get ready for the big event.

Outdoor Weddings and Receptions at Other Locations

Sometimes a bride and groom will choose other outdoor locations for their weddings, such as parks, beaches, and other places. While there might be restroom facilities on site already, these may not be in the right location or may not be adequate for your needs. In some areas, you may not be legally allowed to bring in porta potties, while in others, you can but only if they adhere to strict standards. It is always best to check if the portable toilets are even allowed before renting.

  • If they are allowed, you can locate them close enough to be convenient but far enough away that no one is hearing “I pew” as part of the wedding vows.
  • If you are concerned about the appearance, you can disguise the porta potties behind some flowers or a backdrop of some kind. Make sure to pose for pictures in the other direction so that you do not have shots of the potties in the background.

Delivery, Setup, and Removal

When you find the right company to rent your porta potties from, you will need to determine when they should be delivered and when they will be picked up. The entire rental process will be spelled out in your contract, which should tell you whether you are paying by the day or for a longer period of time.

  • Schedule the delivery of the porta potty units for at least a day in advance. If you are having a lot of work done at the venue, such as florists bringing in elaborate arrangements and such, then by all means have them in place for their use.
  • Make sure that the rental period will extend to the day beyond the actual wedding and reception so that there are portable restrooms during the cleaning up process as well.
  • Discuss how many units you should have. The more guests that are at your wedding, the more units you will need. For example, do not plan on one portable toilet for 500 guests. Ask the rental company about the capacity of the porta potties before you make a final decision. You do not want to have an overflowing porta potty at your wedding or reception.
  • Discuss proper placement of the units. The company will bring them in and set them up for you, but you will want to make sure that they are not putting them in the wrong spot. The company will tell you all of the requirements for safe installation. You do not want a tipped over porta potty on your wedding day.

It is just a small detail but an important one.

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